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Makanu music specializes in making great musical instruments that can show you the great voices of our ages

Makanu ukulele has been sold ukulele on Amazon for many years, we believe we can do better in ukulele world, and more and more craftmen in the world like to devote them selves in creating really good ukulele for every one,like Japan, Korea and China,Philipin... ukulele players now spread every corner inthe world, we love ukulele, we love music!

Makanu has many sub brands - like Honsing ukulele is specially in kids ukulele, soprano ukulele,concert ukulele, now we offer you our best original designed ukulele-rainbow serial ukulele, all their top is our originaldesign ,our rainbow ukulele like Chromatogram, stand for young and colorful life,these ukulele is worthy to own for many years! you can buy as gift!
and We also have many ukulele accessories like ukulele bag,ukulele hard cases and beautiful ukulele skull strap,welcome to check them on Amazon!

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